magnifying glass over words accounting and auditOutside of a natural disaster or man-man catastrophe, few things strike more fear in people’s hearts than the thought of an IRS audit. An audit is inconvenient at best and could land you in jail at worst. 

However, neither taxes nor tax audits need to be a cause for concern. A customized ProActive Tax Plan from Quraishi Law & Wealth can help your business minimize its tax obligation in the safest way possible.

Quraishi Law's ProActive Tax Plan and IRS Audits

Year to year, your chances of being audited are not spectacularly high. However, many honest business owners still have to collect their documents, compile their paperwork, and go over old accounts with the IRS. Even if you have a Quraishi Law & Wealth ProActive Tax Plan, you might still be worried about the consequences of an audit. However, our tax plans are always fine-tuned. We only advise you of legal, time-tested ways to lower your tax liability. Quraishi Law & Wealth is both a wealth management firm and a law firm—in other words, we know how to guide you toward big savings while ensuring you stay on the right side of the law.

Our practice knows that the tax code can be incredibly complex—even intimidating to many people. But we also know that the tax code’s complexity masks a lot of opportunities. We can help interpret federal and state statutes to your benefit, seizing opportunities unique to your industry, location, or particular business organization. Even if you are audited, our team of highly experienced tax lawyers knows the legal strategies you used to save on taxes—and how to defend them against an IRS auditor.

A ProActive Tax Plan helps you keep more of the money you worked hard to earn while using our knowledge of local, state, and federal law to protect your assets from IRS scrutiny.

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