Careful planning throughout the year can assist you in reducing the taxes you pay—as well as help you achieve your estate planning & financial goals.

Most CPAs use only a handful of tax deductions. As a Certified Tax Coach, we offer tax planning using strategies for business owners and investors to cut thousands and even millions of dollars off their tax bill.

Our team of attorneys, CPAs and wealth advisors work closely with business owners and their families, helping them make tax-smart business decisions, plan for retirement, transfer wealth to children and grandchildren, and structure financial affairs to protect family assets. Our clients are primarily closely-held businesses, their owners, and their executives. The Quraishi Law & Wealth team utilizes our exclusive Strategic Tax Design services to accomplish your goals and get more money in your pocket today!

Together Let’s Create a Customized Plan for You, Your Business, and Your Family That Will Allow You to:

Pay the minimum tax you legally owe and not a penny more

Create more cash flow in your business and personal life

Increase your financial wealth and holdings

A proactive plan for upcoming big life events and their tax impacts

We believe that business owners are the backbone of this country. Business owners create jobs, create wealth, create freedom, create security, and create happiness. However, what we have found over the years is that business owners are drowning in more and more regulations, government taxes, and keeping less for themselves at the end of the day. 

Take it Back, Legally, Strongly, and With Confidence

Every minute you wait is more of your hard-money that you will never see, overpaid in taxes you don’t legally, ethically, or morally owe, all because you don’t have a strategic tax reduction plan—a ProActive Tax Plan!

After our initial assessment, we'll determine if we can substantially reduce your tax burden. If so, we will develop a customized ProActive Tax Plan to capture your tax savings.  On average, we save our clients over $10,000 per year!

The ProActive Tax Plan provides a clear tax reduction plan that is customized specifically to you and your business. Sources of tax savings, along with implementation plans, are highlighted and summarized so you can be confident that the savings are real.

Your CPA is a Historian - Not an Advisor

Chances are, your CPA only thinks about your taxes at the end of the year. That’s when he/she records your finances and files your return. But by then it’s too late. You’ve already paid too much. That’s because the only way you can leverage the tax code is by looking forward, not back. Your CPA isn’t trained to do this, but we are.

Leverage the Tax Code

The IRS Tax Code exists to help you pay less tax. The problem is very few CPAs know how to utilize it. At Quraishi Law & Wealth, we know and use the tax code comprehensively so you only pay what you must in taxes and no more. In fact, every strategy we employ is directly sourced from and referenced to that code. 

Learn How You and Your Business Can Save Thousands of Dollars on Taxes

Quraishi Law Firm & Wealth Management serves clients throughout Northeast and Central Arkansas at our Jonesboro and Little Rock office locations. We are also available to meet with clients in our Memphis, Tennessee office. Schedule a free 15 minute call today to discuss how we can assist with your tax, investment, and financial planning needs.