Families with disabled loved ones must plan for the future very carefully. How assets are left after your death can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for that person. In the past, a Will may have been enough, but times have changed. To protect a person with special needs, a well-defined estate plan in Arkansas is vital.

For clients caring for a loved one with special needs, the Quraishi Law Firm can create special-needs trusts. Our team of special-needs lawyers in Arkansas can help protect our clients’ assets for the future benefit of their disabled loved one while ensuring he or she will still be eligible for government benefits.

How a Special Needs Trust Works

A Special Needs Trust allows a parent, grandparent or guardian to provide funds for a disabled child without disrupting the child’s eligibility for government aid. Setting one up is a fairly simple process. Important points to remember while investigating the use of this estate planning tool are:
  • Decide on an appropriate guardian for your child
  • Determine who would be a suitable Trustee(s) to manage the Trust’s assets and supervise your child’s finances
  • Outline instructions for your child’s education, housing, personal and emotional needs

How Quraishi Law Firm Approaches These Cases

We recognize that every family has unique objectives when it comes to planning for the future of their loved one with special needs. Hence, we take the time to get to know you, your family, as well as your family member with special needs. In addition, our services are on a flat-fee basis. This way, you don’t have to hurry discussing your requirements during the consultation. In return, we’ll be able to draft an effective special-needs trust that satisfies your needs and goals.

We take pride in utilizing a proactive approach to handling every case. When they’re not seeing clients, our lawyers continue to develop their knowledge of the special-needs trust matters. It is important for us to find ways to continue serving our clients in the best way possible. We observe a team approach. This means we’ll work closely with your accountant, insurance agent, and other financial advisers. This way, we’ll be able to draft a comprehensive plan that will fully benefit your loved one in case the inevitable happens to you.

Our legal services are available throughout Northeast and Central Arkansas. If you want to talk to our special-needs planning lawyers, please call us today at (870)-275-4304 to set an appointment for a personal consultation.

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