Many people call us and ask how to get started with their planning - and one of their first questions is about what we charge. 

If you came to this page to find out what we’ll charge you for a Will, Trust or Financial Plan or you are considering calling us (or any other attorney) to ask, “How much do you charge for a ___________ (fill in the blank)” Stop. 

Honestly, the truth is - a good lawyer and advisor will tell you they can’t give you an instant answer to that question. 

A good lawyer has to talk to you first. A lawyer who doesn’t talk to you first, really is not helping you out in the end. It’s true! A good lawyer wants to get to know you and your situation first. They want to make sure they’re going to be the right fit for you and that you’re the right fit for them. 

Our plans differ in price because your plans can differ in type! 

No two plans are the same.You deserve to pay for what you get, not what the person who walks in the door before you pays. No two people are the same! 

How do I know what my deciding factors are?

Once you meet with an attorney that specializes in estate, tax and financial planning -- like us at Quraishi Law & Wealth -- you’ve already made the first step! You may think that a simple plan is all you need, but we’ve been trained to ask the right questions to find out exactly what you need. A good attorney will ask those questions so that you feel comfortable. 

A lot of times, we get clients who are positive that they have a simple plan when they call us. The problem is, years have gone by, major events have happened in their lives, and that plan isn’t as simple as they think anymore. We end up spending a lot of time fixing that simple plan. If their plan would’ve been personalized and not cookie-cutter, they would’ve saved time and money.

Flat fee pricing

Once we have a good understanding of your needs and goals, we will be able to explain our transparent, flat-fee pricing structure that eliminates the uncertainty of how much you will spend on your legal or financial matter.  Flat fees are customized for each specific client's needs and we will always agree up front on the flat fee for the matter before we begin our work.  Our fees are reasonable, fair, and reflect the value we provide.

We don't bill by the hour (except in very limited circumstances where there is an opposing party or we don't know how long it will take due to external factors) because we believe our clients should be able to budget for their services and no one wants to commit to paying for a service before knowing what it will cost. 

So, what are some good questions to ask your attorney?

These will help you know where to start:

  • What are the best options to maximize my retirement income?

  • Am I taking on too much risk in the stock market?

  • How do I ensure that my family will be protected after I’m gone?

  • What do I need in place to protect my assets?

  • How can I protect my legacy?

  • How do I pass on my wealth, while giving away as little as possible to taxes and long-term care?

  • What do I need to do to make sure my child ends up with my money, and not their spouse or a creditor?

  • How do I protect the money I have spent a lifetime saving?


Don’t leave a mess for your family to clean up when you’re gone.

With COVID-19, do-it-yourself documents are becoming popular - but for the wrong reasons. These documents don’t give you what you actually need. You have no idea what is in them because you haven’t been trained like we have to know what might be missing from them. And when you go to use them, your time and money will have been wasted if they were wrong. 

  Yes, you need to know what your documents have in them, but you also need to know what’s not. The things that are missing could end up being extremely important in the future. That’s why you need an attorney to advise you and guide you. How would you know what your documents needed if you weren’t trained to know every piece? That’s where we can help.

If your plan isn’t done right and fit to you, it could lead to problems such as:

  • Running out of money in retirement

  • An expensive, lengthy probate

  • A nightmare for your loved ones

  • Unnecessary court proceedings

  • Going broke due to long-term care expenses

  • Estate & income tax issues


By doing it right the first time, you’ll save yourself from multiple headaches. 

When you hire us, you are not renting our time, but our brains and our hearts. You are hiring an ally who will help you get your affairs in order and keep them in order through time, changes in the law, tax policies and your life.

You will feel cared for, heard, informed, educated, and empowered to make the best decisions for the people and things that matter most in your life.


Still looking for a number?

We can tell you this - most of our plans range between $1,500 and $6,000. Keep in mind that your packages will be customized to the specific needs of your family. You’ll stay in control of your plan and we’ll be with you every step of the way. 


Let’s get started. 

Before we’ll give you an estimate on price, we’ll start with an Initial Planning Session. In this session, we’ll invest our time together exploring your life, looking at what would happen to you, your children, your money, and the people you love if anything happens to you.  We’ll also look at your current tax & financial strategies to make sure you're paying the least amount in taxes and your investments are optimized to grow and protect your wealth. We’ll make sure that we are a good fit for each other before moving forward.  And, you'll only choose to invest in work beyond the Initial Planning Session if doing so would save you more money than it would cost. 

To schedule your Initial Planning Session or a Free 15-minute phone call, please call our office at 870-275-4304 or go here to schedule.

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