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In years past, Americans of all backgrounds could afford a happy, healthy retirement. However, modern retirement planning can present unexpected hurdles. Financial advisers often say that you should not consider leaving the workforce until you have saved at least ten times your current annual income. Unfortunately, many hardworking Arkansans cannot afford to invest the money they need for everyday necessities as well as childcare, education, or a mortgage.

If your financial situation seems less than ideal, you might feel retirement is beyond your reach. You may be surprised to learn this may not be the case.

Quraishi Law & Wealth Has a Community Focus

Far too many people feel that financial planning is a service only the wealthy can afford. But unlike many firms, Quraishi Law & Wealth believes in working with clients from all walks of life. We were founded by long-time Arkansans with a community vision. When we meet individuals, families, and small business owners for the first time, we seek to understand who you are—your circumstances, your values, and your ambitions.

We Work With Your Values to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

We believe that every hardworking American deserves a robust retirement plan. Quraishi Law & Wealth offers Family Well Planning Sessions in which we review your personal goals and work out the best way for you to get there. Even if you do not have as much saved as you might like, we can offer solutions. Depending on your circumstances, you may have the following options:

  • Alternate investment strategies. You do not need to be Warren Buffet to invest. While traditional retirement investments—like IRAs—work best when you start saving young, Quraishi Law & Wealth can help you make wise investments aligned with your risk tolerance. 
  • Downsizing your home. The real estate market is booming. If you are planning to retire soon and need to create a surplus of cash, you could sell your current home and downsize to a smaller or more rural property.
  • Staying active in a family business. If you intend to keep your farm or other small business in the family, you do not have to stop drawing an income when you decide to pass the reins to the next generation. You may have spent decades doing the same job, and your children or other loved ones might need your expertise to keep operations running. While you might not need to work full-time, you could act as a paid consultant and problem-solver.
  • Getting a part-time job. Retirement comes as a shock to many people. While you might not wish to work a part-time job in retirement, getting a side gig can help keep yourself active and your time occupied. Of course, it could also help you shore up your income.
  • Understanding your right to benefits. You have probably spent your entire adulthood paying taxes, whether on gas, groceries, or your income. When you approach retirement age, you could get a return on your taxes by applying for and receiving benefits intended for older Americans.

Quraishi Law & Wealth Could Help Put Your Retirement Fears to Rest

Speaking to a financial adviser for the first time might seem intimidating, especially if you know you are approaching retirement age but are not in an ideal financial position.

Quraishi Law & Wealth was established to help everyone across Northeast and Central Arkansas meet their retirement goals—not just people who had the privilege of saving young or investing early, but people eager to explore their options at any age and in any situation.

When you speak to a member of our team, you can stop stressing about what you might not be able to afford in retirement and begin preparing for the opportunities you can afford.

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