Probate—the process of estate administration and distribution after death—can be a very difficult and emotional process without the help of qualified and experienced counsel. Assistance from knowledgeable and kind Arkansas estate planning attorneys can help smooth out the process so that the wishes expressed in the will and any trusts are carried out as efficiently as possible.

Probate Administration

The Quraishi Law Firm handles probate administration on behalf of estates that are guided by a will and trust documents, as well as administration of assets owned by a person who dies intestate, or without a will.

We handle the administration of most of the wills and trusts we draft. We are also able to manage the administration of any estate, regardless of whether we drafted the estate planning documents. Once we begin to administer your estate, you can rest assured that our decades of experience will help make the probate process efficient and effective. We understand the emotional consequences of estate administration and seek to make the process as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

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Estate Distribution

The determination of heirs, the distribution of property, and discussions regarding the probate of assets can be very difficult. For one, there are certain assets that may not be subjected to probate. Properties held jointly with others, for instance, will typically not go through probate, but will instead remain in the property of the joint owners. Assets held in trust do not generally go through the probate process, as well.

With all of the legal matters involved in estate distribution, our team will guide the estate’s heirs throughout the process so that they receive the assets they lawfully deserve. With our probate services, we ensure that no oversight will occur throughout the entire process. More importantly, we pride ourselves on the fast and effective management of all of the legal matters we handle, which makes the estate distribution less stressful than expected. Let our Arkansas and Tennessee attorneys help.

Flat-Fee Basis

We recognize that every client has unique goals, which may come with equally unique challenges. So before anything else, we focus on learning more about you, your family, and your relationship with the estate owner. With this kind of approach, we want you to talk with us freely, and not worry about the hourly billing clock. Hence, most of our uncontested probate services are offered as a flat-fee.

Our skilled probate lawyers are available for Personal Consultation by phone or in person. For more information please contact us at (870) 275-4304.

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