Many of our law firm clients tend to breathe a sigh of relief when they sign their estate planning documents… then they mistakenly think they’re finished, or they’re not clear about when to call or come back in and often equally unclear about how important it is to keep everything current. Because laws change and family circumstances change, we have always offered a free estate planning review meeting to our clients to make it easier to stay on top of their planning.

We have noticed when clients do come in for an estate planning review meeting, they often have the same types of minor updates and concerns to look after. After careful consideration, we decided to put together the type of program that would be cost-effective for our clients and give them the assurance and opportunity to make their estate plan easier to maintain.

Additional Benefits of Wealth Care Maintenance Program

  • All of the “regular client support” plus…
  • Annual review (30 minutes with an attorney)
  • Email alerts regarding many changes in estate, charitable gifting, IRA tax, and distribution rules
  • Continued DocuBank membership included
  • Regular seminars on Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Retirement Assets, and Trust Administration, PLUS Seminars on topics such as:
    • Funeral Planning
    • Health Care Directives
    • Family History Preservation
    • Social Security Benefits
    • Real Property & Umbrella Insurance Policies
  • No Charge to Amend Trust to Change
    • Trustees or Charitable Beneficiaries
    • Ages of Distribution to Beneficiaries
    • Agents on Durable Power of Attorney
    • Executors or Guardians in Will
  • 15% Discount on hourly fees for revisions outside of those listed above
  • 10% Discount on hourly fees for trust administration after the death of the first spouse
  • No Charge for Health Care Directives for immediate family members ages 18 to 24
  • No Charge for HIPAA Declarations for immediate family members ages 18 to 24

Clients are automatically enrolled in our Client Wealth Maintenance Plan at no additional cost for their first year. Please talk to our office for more information about this great program!

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Carrie Russom Quraishi, JD, CAPP
Carrie provides personalized wealth management, tax and estate planning services to clients in AR, TX & TN.