There’s a dirty little secret in the estate planning industry and one we’ve become more and more glaringly aware of over the past few years. It affects you and your family and it’s time you knew about it.

Estate plans being put in place by “traditional” lawyers are destined to fail!  In fact, your estate plan is at risk right now.


Because you probably have had changes in your life, there have been changes in the law, and your assets have changed and yet you have not updated your estate plan (most likely).  What that means is that the planning documents we created for you are out of date and likely to fail when your family needs them.

The old, outdated way estate planning lawyers run their businesses is the reason for this, but I’m going to fix it. Let me explain…

Most lawyers bill on an hourly basis, which discourages you from calling the office.  In fact, I have no doubt that since you were last here, there have been many changes in your life.  But, you didn’t contact me because you were afraid of what it would cost you. I understand!

The traditional estate planning model requires you to proactively contact me when things change in your life, the law changes or your assets change.  But, you’re busy and keep putting it off thinking you’ll get to it later.

The traditional model focuses on estate planning documents that pass on your financial wealth with minimal court involvement and estate taxes, but far too often don’t focus at all on your most valuable wealth – your values, insights, stories and experience assets – and leave your family at risk of in-fighting and heartbreak after you are gone.

Well I’m not in the business of putting in place estate plans that are destined to fail!  I am here to help you and make a difference in your life.

As a Personal Family Lawyer®, I’ve committed to entirely eliminate hourly billing in my office (other than when required by a Court for accountings in probate or guardianship cases), ensure my client’s estate plans work throughout their lifetime and give my clients affordable access to their own personal lawyer throughout life before making any financial or legal decisions.

How do I do this?

By implementing a  program you are going to love.  It’s called our “VIP Client Care Program” and it will radically transform the way you make financial and legal decisions for your family going forward.

You Can Be Part of Our VIP Client Care Program

Because the program involves a significant amount of personal service from me and my team, I cannot allow an unlimited number of clients to participate in the program.  As a valued past client, I want you to have priority access though, so please respond as soon as possible.

  • Free Annual meeting with attorney (compared to every 3 years for non-members)
  • Free Family Wealth Inventory Asset Update
  • Free “Word Processing” Updates to your Plan
  • Free Healthcare documents for college-aged children and immediate family members age 65 & older
  • Free Phone Calls and Emails with Attorney for Quick Access

These are just a few of the many benefits of our VIP Client Care Program. 

There are many additional benefits that you can review on the VIP Client Care Program schedule of benefits.  The annual benefits of these programs add up to over $4,000 worth of benefits, and far exceed the nominal annual fee.

For questions or enrollment call our office at 870-275-4304. 


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Carrie Russom Quraishi, JD, CAPP
Carrie provides personalized wealth management, tax and estate planning services to clients in AR, TX & TN.