A gun trust is a special type of trust designed to address issues that are unique to firearms, which are one of the most heavily regulated types of personal property in the United States. Most gun trusts are highly customized revocable living trusts that address the rights and duties of the parties to the gun trust relating to the use, possession, and transfer of firearms. At Quraishi Law and Wealth, our attorneys can provide you with a comprehensive Gun Trust that will protect you. 

How Can a Gun Trust Benefit You?

Our Gun Trusts prepared by seasoned gun trust attorney, Stuart Mathews, provide you with:

  • A comprehensive estate plan for your firearms, 
  • Flexibility for the ownership of your items,
  • Peace of mind that the trust is created correctly, 
  • And more! 

When it comes to being a firearm owner, you need to know that the ownership and transition of your items is done smoothly and correctly. A Gun Trust done by a licensed attorney, instead of using Do-It-Yourself documents, will ensure that the trust is accurate, flexible, and will provide you with the most protection. 

Our Types of Gun Trusts

At Quraishi Law and Wealth, we currently offer two different types of Gun Trusts. We refer to those are the "Bronze" and "Silver" options. The Bronze will provide you with the basic necessities of a gun trust. If you would like even more protection and even more flexibility, our Silver option might be best for you. The attorney will always help you decide what will give you the best result. 

To view a complete comparison chart of our current Bronze and Silver options, with pricing, please click here.

What to Do Next

To get started creating your gun trust, there are a few thiings we will need from you. You will need to complete our "NFA Gun Trust Questionnaire." This will provide the attorney with information needed for your gun trust. Don't worry if you aren't able to fill out all of the information! At the end of the questionnaire, you will schedule a 15-Minute Call with Stuart to discuss your needs. During this call, you will be able to give him more information about you and your firearm collection, as well as determing which of our Gun Trust options is best for you. 

If you are ready to begin this process, click the "Get Started" button below. You may also call our office at 870-275-4304 if you have more questions. 


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