Asset protection is considered in almost every facet of our law practice and is a large part of responsible estate planning. Asset protection encompasses several different goals: to protect existing assets from creditors, to ensure the orderly distribution of your estate upon death, to minimize estate taxes, and to protect an inheritance so it cannot be lost in a lawsuit or a divorce proceeding.

At The Quraishi Law Firm, we handle asset protection for clients in Arkansas, Tennessee, and nationwide. The first step toward protecting your future is taking a careful approach with the help of a dedicated asset protection attorney. We take professional pride in our ability to provide clear explanations of complex legal and financial concepts. After all, we believe our clients need to truly understand all their options before they can make the best asset protection plan for their circumstances.

Different Tools to Use for Asset Protection

It is critically important for your asset protection adviser to have a complete understanding of the wide range of legal and financial tools available to meet your goals regarding protection of your assets. Our attorneys work closely with our clients’ financial advisers to make sure the asset protection instruments are chosen correctly and built securely. In addition, we can guide you to a better estate planning if you want to proceed with that legal process after protecting your existing assets.

Asset Protection of Licensed Professionals—Both Yourself and Your Heirs

Licensed professionals are often at risk for large malpractice judgments, such as medical malpractice, legal malpractice, or accounting malpractice. Even if you are properly insured, you could be personally liable. With effective asset protection, you can feel confident that your assets will not be seized by court order or other sanction imposed against you. Moreover, our team of asset protection attorneys in Arkansas makes sure that all your assets and accounts are titled correctly, as this oversight can affect your estate in the future.

With our asset protection solutions, we will not only take care of your properties today, but we can protect the future of your family in case the inevitable happens to you.

Prudent Legal Advice to Ensure Non-Fraudulent Legal Advice

At the Quraishi Law Firm, we take special care to make sure our clients’ asset transfers and other asset protection plans comply with all laws against fraudulent transfer, including the Fraudulent Transfer Act.

To discuss your asset protection needs, please contact us at 870-275-4304 for a consultation.