Tax almost always comes in to play with every part of your business. 

To avoide surprises, it's best to seek tax advice before you're too late. Tax planning is best developed if it is in advance. At Quraishi Law and Wealth, we offer tax advisory services. 

This service includes analyzing tax and financial problems, making recommendations and providing solutions that give advice for the client. 

tax blocks

Some of the advising services that come with our tax advisory service are:

  • Federal and state individual/corporation tax returns, 
  • Reorganization of partnerships and corporations, 
  • Estate tax planning, 
  • Individual and corporate tax planning, 
  • Investment planning, 
  • Retirement planning programs, 
  • Tax impact of income and deductions, contributions, major purchases and investments, 
  • Estate planning, 
  • Representation of clients in audits, 
  • Succession planning, and many more services. 


We will identify your tax problems, and find a way to give you the best solution. To learn more about our tax advisory services, please contact our office.