While we are ready to guide you through all of your planning, there are a few reasons why we might not be the best fit. We like to work with people who value our knowledge and experience in our service areas and who are looking for valuable, sound advice. 


Here are some examples of people who might not be a fit for our practice:


They expect guarantees of stock market returns. 

If investment returns are a person's main interest, not financial planning, then that person is not a fit for our practice. 


People focused only on the small pieces without taking the big picture into consideration. 

Our firm specializes in comprehensive planning. We take a look at all of the moving parts of your plan and the overall goal you are working towards. 


People who have a hard time making and/or keeping appointments. 

Not making, keeping, or showing up on time to an appointment makes it hard to help you. It's important to make and keep your appointment to ensure you're receiving our full attention. 


They are not engaged enough.

We offer annual review meetings for our clients. This is a great time to discuss any changes going on in your life. Clients who don't use these meetings aren't getting the full potential of our firm. 


People who can "only meet on the weekends or after 5:00."

Family is a large part of our firm. We do not meeting with clients or potential clients on the weekend or after 5:00. We value our time, and your time as well. 


High-maintenence clients who consume far too much time. 

These clients make it difficult to service all of our other clients. You wouldn't want your time taken up by another client, so we value clients who are considerate of not only our time, but our other clients as well. 


The stubborn and uncoachable. 

All we ask is that you keep an open mind with our suggestions! 


People who want to work with multiple advisors. 

We pride ourselves on bringing that comprehensive approach to planning. It gets difficult and confusing when bringing in multiple outside advisors.