Posted on Aug 16, 2023

Quraishi Helping HandsAt Quraishi Law Firm and Wealth Management, we've always believed in the power of community. We're excited to unveil a new initiative that embodies our commitment to making a positive impact in Northeast Arkansas. Introducing "Quraishi Helping Hands" – a program that resonates with our core values and showcases our dedication to giving back to the communities that have supported us.

What is Quraishi Helping Hands?

Quraishi Helping Hands is not just a program; it's a heartfelt endeavor to strengthen the bonds within our community. As a law firm and wealth management company deeply rooted in Northeast Arkansas, we recognize the importance of nurturing the places we call home. This program is our way of channeling our resources, skills, and passion towards creating meaningful change where it's needed most.

How You Can Get Involved

We're excited to invite our clients, partners, and friends to join us in this meaningful journey. Your involvement can come in many forms:

  1. Volunteer with Us: Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming volunteer opportunities. Whether you can spare a few hours or a whole day, your contribution matters.

  2. Spread the Word: Help us reach a wider audience by sharing news about Quraishi Helping Hands on social media and among your circles.

  3. Suggest Projects: If you know of a project or cause that could benefit from our Helping Hands, don't hesitate to let us know. We're always open to new ideas and collaborations.


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