Family Estate Planning

Join me, attorney Carrie Russom Quraishi for an informative webinar! Watching this video may save your family months or years of unnecessary pain, thousands of potentially lost dollars and countless headaches. With this webinar as your guide, you will learn why taking care of these matters is so important... and how easy it is to do.


What You Will Learn

  • LESSON #1: Learn How to Avoid Excessive Attorney's Fees, Court Costs, and Delays in Passing on Your Inheritance
  • LESSON #2: How to Avoid and/or Minimize Estate and Income Taxes
  • LESSON #3: How to Protect Your Heirs From Creditors, Future Ex-Spouses, and Accidental Disinheritance (if your spouse gets remarried after your death!)
  • LESSON #4: Why a "Simple" Will Isn't Enough, and Misconceptions With Traditional Estate Planning
  • LESSON #5: How to Distribute Your Estate to the People You Choose, When and How You Choose
  • LESSON #6: How to Stop Speculating and Gambling With Your Retirement & Investment Accounts So You Don't Run Out of Money
  • LESSON #7: The Importance of Integrated Financial, Legal and Life Planning, and the Easy Steps to Get Started

Quraishi Law Firm & Wealth Management Clients"Carrie Quraishi helped us put the legal protections in place for our small business, as well as creating a comprehensive estate & wealth plan for our family. She is very friendly, helpful, and professional. We feel confident that all of our loved ones and all of our assets are finally protected! We would highly recommend her and her law firm."
–John & Lynn K.
Clients, Quraishi Law & Wealth


Attorney Carrie Quraishi

About the Speaker

Carrie Russom Quraishi, Attorney at Law

Ms. Quraishi helps families and small business owners protect what matters most—their loved ones, their wealth and business, and their legacy. She is dedicated to using her wealth of experience, mastery of the law, and commitment to a client-first approach to help individuals and families achieve their estate and financial planning goals.

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