LIFT Manifesto

Running a successful business is no small task. You know your company's products and services better than anyone else, but do you understand how to avoid making mistakes that could subject your business to thousands or even millions of dollars in financial losses to the government, taxes, or lawsuits?

How the LIFT Manifesto Can Help You

When you request your free LIFT Manifesto, you'll learn the four-step strategy my mentor used to recover from past legal, financial, insurance, and tax mistakes while creating a solid foundation for the future. This guide will help you:

Learn the "Dirty Little Secrets" of business

You'll learn how to spot the signs of conflict and loss that can blindside even the most "successful" people you know.

Apply these lessons to your business

When you apply the LIFT Manifesto system to your business, you'll increase your profits and find the "feels good" financial freedom you've been searching for.

See how self-sabotaging behaviors are holding you back

A better future for your business is entirely within your control, but first, you need to learn how to avoid your past mistakes.

Support your vision with legal, insurance, financial, and tax systems

Creating a solid foundation for your business lets you carry out the dream you have for your work in the world.

Discover What Your Business Needs to Thrive

Get this free book to ensure the best outcome for your business, then call us with any questions at 870-275-4304. At Quraishi Law Firm & Wealth Management, our business planning attorneys are committed to your success.

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