Do You Charge For an Initial Planning Session?

During our Initial Planning Session, it's our goal to make the best use of our time with you. We want to ensure that we have all of the necessary information from you to see how we can help. 

Normally, we charge a $250 fee for an Initial Planning Session. However, if you complete the Client Homework that we send to you and bring it with you to your meeting, we will waive that fee. 

Don't let the word "homework" scare you! This will just be a questionnaire that you fill out. Sending it to you and having you fill it our prior to the planning session will allow us to have more time to discuss your wants and needs. 

To learn more about what we charge in general, click here. 

What Do I Bring With Me?

If you want the $250 fee waived, make sure you get your Client Homework filled out! In the Pre-Meeting Packet that we will send you after you book your meeting, there will be a yellow folder. We ask that you bring financial and legal documents showing things like assets, old wills and retirement accounts in this folder. This allows us to fully understand your situation and makes the meeting go more smoothly. Can't find all of your documents? Don't sweat it! Bring what you can find to your meeting and then we will let you know what else we might need. 

We'll review all of the information that you bring in and then discuss your financial goals, income sources, retirement plan, real estate and financial assets, insurance, mortage, and all estate planning documents. 

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