older couple meeting with financial advisorToday’s world offers more opportunities for investment than ever before. Even if you already have your own stock portfolio, a wealth manager can help you protect the investments you have already made while diversifying your holdings and protecting your life’s work.

Wealth Managers Help You Invest in More Than Just Stocks

If you already have a healthy portfolio, you may wonder just what, exactly, a wealth manager can do for you.

That’s a good question. When we speak to new clients about their financial holdings, needs, and aspirations, we find that many already have their own set of investments. However, most reach a point where they not only wish to invest tactically but invest in a way that’s simple, sustainable, and forward-facing.

Unlike financial planners, who tend to offer simple solutions for singular problems, wealth managers focus on the totality of our clients’ financial lives. We don’t just look at our clients’ portfolios. Instead, we help our clients balance their short-term financial needs with their long-term aspirations by:

  • Offering comprehensive financial planning services, including helping you create a budget and maintaining an investment portfolio that protects the wealth you already have while reducing your tax burden and saving for retirement.
  • Evaluating your current holdings and designing a custom plan to strategically allocate your investments in accordance with your risk tolerance and personal values while minimizing your potential losses and maximizing your returns.
  • Planning your retirement by explaining the pros and cons of different retirement-saving and investment strategies.
  • Exploring novel estate planning strategies that allow you to create a meaningful legacy. We help you retain control of your assets in a way that benefits you in the present and your prospective heirs in the future.

Quraishi Law & Wealth has a holistic, people-based approach to wealth management: we don’t only strive to understand how to make you money, we strive to understand how to make you money in a way that complements your personal values, needs, and overarching dreams.

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